JEITZ & GOERENS is ready to listen to your needs and to analyse the various consequences of your cases as a whole, in order to propose personalised and sustainable solutions. Following the adage “The clash of ideas produces the spark”, the firm’s lawyers consult with each other regularly to allow you to benefit from their respective skills, experience and knowledge. In this way, we establish the best strategy for your cases. You will benefit from a direct and confidential contact with the lawyer of your choice, whom you may contact in person for replies to your questions and for information on any progress in your case. You may consult the following headings for a more detailed view of our various areas of operation:


  • Liability of construction companies: reports by court-appointed experts, construction defects, ten-year and two-year guarantees, delay indemnities;
  • Leases and joint ownership: drafting of residential and commercial leases, collection of unpaid rents, termination of leases and evictions;
  • Purchase and sale of properties: sale commitments, sales for future completion, purchases of land and properties, company contracts, architect’s contracts;
  • Building permits: administrative appeals on building permits;
  • Property law: easements, demarcations, actions to recover possession or establish ownership, asset structuring;
  • Right of co-ownership: assistance at general meetings for trustees and joint owners, recovery of expenses, disputes regarding decisions of general meetings
  • Real estate professionals: advice and legal representation for estate agents, developers and builders
  • Disputes pertaining to energy efficiency of buildings


  • Contract law: advice, negotiation, drafting, execution and termination of civil and commercial contractual relationships;
  • Civil liability: contractual and extra-contractual liability, securing of damages;
  • Family law: successions, divorces, alimony;
  • Road traffic: civil liability in road accidents, insurance;
  • Insurance law
  • Medical law and law on health protection


  • Commercial disputes: general commercial disputes, recovery of receivables, seizures, actions to enforce or terminate commercial contracts;
  • Incorporation of companies: drafting of articles of association, drawing up of shareholder agreements and contracts relating to the existence of the company;
  • Drafting of capacity opinions
  • Authorisations of domicile: establishment of cases, requests for authorisations of domicile, administrative appeals against decisions of refusal;
  • Safeguard measures: appointment of provisional administrators, appointment of an auditor;
  • Bankruptcies and liquidations: filings for bankruptcy and liquidation, setting aside of bankruptcies, opposition to judicial liquidations;


  • Employment contracts: negotiation and drafting of employment contracts;
  • Dismissal: drafting of dismissal letters and of letters with grounds for dismissal, actions for unfair dismissal;
  • Out-of-court settlement of labour disputes: negotiation and drafting of transaction arrangements following dismissals;


  • Representation in court: appeals before administrative courts;
  • Urban planning law: administrative appeals regarding building permits;
  • Law on domicile: administrative appeals in the event of refusal of an authorisation domicile;
  • Law of public sector employees
  • Administrative withdrawal of driving licences


  • Drafting of contract between a player and his club
  • Drafting of contrat between a player and his agent
  • Dispute resolution by courts or by alternative dispute resolution methods (mediation, arbitration)


  • Business criminal law: offences involving company law, criminal liability of company directors;
  • General criminal law: assistance with police hearings or interrogations before the investigating magistrate, preparation of criminal defence, representation and assistance before criminal Court;
  • Road traffic: driving licence, appeals against a ruling of provisional withdrawal of driving licences, speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, vehicle seizures;
  • Victim’s rights: filing of appearances of complainants in criminal cases, securing of damages, monitoring and representation in judicial investigations, direct summons;


  • Payment orders
  • Cross-border receivables: European enforcement orders, European order for payment, European small claims procedure;
  • Enforcement of court rulings: enforcement of national and international rulings, enforcement initiatives;
  • Seizures: seizure of wages, attachment of goods, preventive attachments, seizure of tangible movable assets, executions against rural properties, preventive attachments of tenant’s goods by landlords;
  • Sureties: civil and commercial suretyships, possessory and non-possessory pledges, mortgage registrations, guarantees on demand;
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